5 droup out

5 Dropouts Personalities Who Changed The World

5 droupout personalities

  1. Thomas Elva Edison

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”.  -Edison

In the list he was the one who attended the school for shortest period and then dropped out. Teachers at the school complained that his mind wandered too much, this ended his official schooling of mere three months. Thus, his mother started teaching him at home.

It’s really unbelievable that an individual can have more than one thousand patents to his name. Yes, he has 1093 US patents to his name as well as other patents in France, U.K. and Germany. His inventions influenced and revolutionized the world which includes practical electric bulb, motion picture camera, phonograph, electric battery and countless other things to list. Also, he was a renowned businessman and entrepreneur who founded 14 companies, which includes General Electric, one of the world’s largest companies. He was the first to apply the concept of mass production.  He was credited with the opening of the first industrial research lab, built in Menlo Park, New Jersey.


  1. Albert Einstein

His name is used as a synonymous with the word ‘genius’. Well, he needs no introduction, the man who changed the world with his various theories and discoveries. His theory of relativity, mass-energy equivalence, photoelectric effect and Brownian movement led the foundation of modern physics.

Well, interestingly, this genius also had problems with the school teaching system. Teachers complained that his mind always wandered and that he was a foolish dreamer. His mother was very much tensed with his speech problem. Though he loved math and science, but hated other subjects, especially the one that required cramming like history. Finally, he dropped out his high schooling.


  1. Steve Jobs

Well, the life of this dropout was not very easy emotionally as he was abandoned by his biological parents and was adopted by another couple. This incident disturbed him a lot throughout his life. At very early stage of his life he was determined to do something great to make their parents (biological) feel sorry over their decision of abandoning him.

At school he was very smart in studies once the school proposed his parents to skip him two classes up from fifth standard to seventh. He was always engaged in doing some kind of pranks at school and his teacher knew that the only way to control him was to keep him busy with problems from the higher classes. He was very much interested in electronics. He was not in a mood to join college, but just due to his parents at last he joined. He could have easily joined Stanford, but he joined Reeds College, which was famous for hippy life and in comparison quite costly also. The reason he gave was that “The kids who went to Stanford, they already knew what they wanted to do.” But there he seldom attended classes and was deeply interested in things related to spiritualism and finally dropped out. Once he came to India to discover spiritualism. Later with his childhood friend Woz, he founded “Apple”. The renowned company that produces distinctive and most stylist i-pads, i-phones and personal computers worldwide.


  1. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

He too was a dropout from Harvard who dropped out in his second year. He opened a whole new world of socializing with his ‘Facebook’. Well, it does not need any intro as the very first thing we do after getting up in the morning is to check our Facebook account.  He too was genius from school days. He was very much fascinated with computer right from his school days. He was always interested in developing programs related to communication and games. One such was called “Zukenet”, which allowed communication between his father’s dental office and home. He also developed a music app that categorized and suggested music to personal according to one’s listening habits. In earlier days at Harvard, he developed a program named ‘face mash’ that enabled students over there to choose the best looking person from the photos. But college shuts it down as its popularity overcrowded the campus network.

Interesting fact: You can’t block him on Facebook. Try it!!    www.facebook.com/zuck


  1. Bill Gates

Well, this dropout is well-known to all of us, after all he is constantly ranked in the list of the world’s  richest and was on top of 1995-2009 (leaving 2008). He is the one who made personal computers so much portable, accessible, and user-friendly and opened doors to the world with his ‘windows’.

His parents wanted him to go into Law to become a lawyer, but he was actually very much interested in computer from his school days. He was very much interested in coding and many a time astonished people with his skills. Once he along with his four friends were banned from using the school computer center, as they were caught for infecting computers with bugs to get free time. This incident made all these four guys very popular and they started getting calls from various companies to work with. He joined Harvard in 1973, after completing his graduation. He could not complete his studies at Harvard as he was very much determined to do something great and created ‘Microsoft’, world’s largest software company with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Gates along with his wife Melinda Gates is doing great in the field of philanthropy to eradicate various social, educational and health related problems throughout the world.

These are the famous five dropouts who changed the world very effectively. From them we can learn one very vital quality for success that is common in all of them, and that’s ‘belief’. Believe in yourself, Dream bigger, live with your passion and always be confident in your each step and move forward courageously to a brighter future.


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