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About Hail Mint

Welcome to HailMint.com. HailMint specially designed by considering these words: Happiness, advice, inspiration, luck, motivation, idea, news, trust and tells about how to achieve anything.

The purpose of this website is to motivate, to tell about genuine online income. To please through blogs, everybody can experience peace of mind. And in some aspects of life where many times people got frustrated, HailMint will try to get rid of from such situations positively. The ambition of HailMint is to make readers feel better and be happy in life, and to create a passion to live life happily all time with positive spirit.

About Ashwani Kumar Banyal

Hi to all, Welcome to HailMint. Ashwani Kumar Banyal is a Founder & Owner of HailMint website. His interest is in new technology, internet and blogging. His ambition of life is to provide relevant information, advice, idea and suggestion to fulfill his reader’s requirements.

He ever believe in one line: “Everyone can do anything.” You want to live your life happily ? yes. You can. You want to become rich ? Yes. You can. Anything you want or desire to be. Answer is “Yes” You can. Everything is depend upon his/her thinking.

He has done his graduation in B.COM and got MBA (Finance) degree from Rayat Institute of Management, Ropar. In the duration of MBA course, he learned a lot about psychology.

He is a God believer and ever believe in God’s creature.

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