How Society makes an effect on Our Life

Effect of Society on Human Behavior

Society plays a very important role to frame our life. A society in which we live we learn a lot and the most important thing society act as guide on formation of our mental psychology. Mental psychology tells about our personality characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors.


Effect of Society on Career

Every person has their own mind set about his/her career life. Someone wants to become professionals and others want to be successful entrepreneurs as per their choices. Every person who selects different career option based upon their mental psychology which is only and only develops in the society where person lives. Let me tell you when I was in my village I ever thought that I will open my Dairy Farm business and for this I had done lots of research and planned everything from how to start this business to continuation. Why I had preferred this business because of my mental psychology which was the outcome of the present society. But my family has not supported me for doing this business because I was perusing my MBA degree at that time and their expectation was quite different from my thought. And after passing time I reached in city in different society, where I have replaced my thought with other career opportunities. So, similarly every person has the deep impact of society in which he/she lives.


Effect of Society on Love & Emotions

Love and emotions both are very important aspect of human life. A big part of our life is based on these two things. These things we needs as much as we need food to live, to stay healthy. And for those two things society plays a very important role. Societies in which we live mostly play a lead role to shape human’s psychology about these two things. If a married couple living their life happily, loving and caring each other, just because only they both come together from a good society. But in few cases some couples very soon forget all these things just because of the present society atmosphere where they changed their standards of love and emotions just because of living in bad surrounding society. So, whenever you feel that our relation is heading towards end, just cool down and change the society, shift your residence to other area, change your surrounding atmosphere. And, finally you will soon recover your relation. And it’s my personal experience, because it has already happened with me. This story I will discuss with you latter.


Effect of Society on Personality Traits

Personality traits are the dimensions that are used to describe the human personality. There are five most important personality traits which are most commonly used or observed:

  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

All above these five important personality traits human being learns in the society where he/she lives. And all of us judge to any person on the basis of these traits.


Effect of Society on Child Education

As we all know child is like a wet soil to which you can give any shape as you wish to be. But there are fewer things that can ruin all your thoughts. In which, one and most important thing is the society in which your child live and the school/college/institution where your child is reading.

When I enquired about this thing with one of my colleague he told me about his children’s studies. He has two children, elder one is reading in fifth standard at highly reputed convent school and younger one is reading in second standard at local public school. When I asked about why you haven’t put both at same school. He told me very interesting things. In starting he put both in same reputed convent school that was very far away from their home around 30 kilometers, the younger one can’t endure this long distance travelling. Reason being little child don’t have so much stamina to tolerate long travelling. Soon he has realized that he is doing something wrong with this child as his health was also decreasing day by day. So, finally he took the step and put him at local end public school which was surrounded and packed by poor society children. Resulting, He has been weakened in studies, not following the good manners and learning bad habits just because of the bad society where he went for studies.

So, personally I will suggest to all of you to don’t give bad society atmosphere to your family, otherwise results will be quite opposite from your imaginations & thoughts.

Ensure yourself or prepare your mind set before selecting any society in which you are going to live for long time, because it is the place which will frame your mental psychology and all of you act & behave accordingly.


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