Technology Addiction

How To Prevent Yourself From The Technological Addiction

The modern world is offering us new gadgets everyday and we are happy with the new technological development that we are getting by each passing day. But, the fact that is lying beneath all these attractive benefits is that we are becoming big slaves of the technology. It has overcome all our physical and mental activities. Our dependency on the technological devices is up to the extent that even a day is difficult to pass without its existence. We always need some tool that can ease our work or connect us to our network or keeps entertaining us in one or the other form.

The old and traditional ways of carrying out real life activities have been demolished from our society making us totally reliant on latest technology. We really need to realize that this technology is biting our lives and can even make us void and dull in our future. This new threatening jeopardy can even lead us to the dangerous paths.

To prevent yourself from becoming the total behemoth of your lives, here are the few simple changes that one can implement in their lives:

  • Go for a technology free day: One must give an off to the technology and its inventions sometimes to make yourself realize that how manual work is being done. Making yourself work without your technological gadgets for 24 hours must not become an impossible task. But, on a practical note, it is not easy to go with a rational, non-technology day, but, make a checklist with your friends and family and decide which all devices you can avoid in your day.
  • Time management: Over dependency comes from over spending of time on a particular gadget. Give yourself a time that you must diverge on a particular gadget and analyze that time at the end of the day.
  • Manual work implementations: The work done manually with your own hands gives much more satisfaction than the work done in few minutes by the machines. So, try to do the easy works manually only instead of using the technological devices. This thing will also help to stay fit and will save a few bucks from monthly budget too.
  • Keep your digital devices apart: Whenever you are along with your friends and family, try to keep your technology devices off and away from you. Just focus on the people along with you rather than getting connected to the network that are long distances apart from you. Give your attention to the things that are important at that time. Sticking all time to your gadgets will make you a massive addict of it.

We cannot deny the fact that technology is a real savior of our lives. Every being is known by the fact that excess of anything is bad and so is the technology. If we keep ourself in control and have more command over our activities, then we can adjust in every situation and dependency on any technology cannot overcome us in any way. Going with a healthy balance in your life solves the entire problem.


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