Simple ways to make your brain work under your control

Simple Ways To Make Your Brain Work Under Your Control

No one can stop thoughts and expressions from perforating in your brain. Controlling your brain basically means mastering your thoughts and reflections. If you can rule over them, then you can certainly make your brain work under your control and never deviate from your goals and destinations. Very few people are known with the fact that the chemical and hormonal change in the body brings different types of thoughts in the mind. Chemical is what you put into your body right from your eating to your thinking.

Emotions are being created in the mind which makes your brain function in one or the other way. The hormones in our body keep on going up and down continuously in our body and thus, our mood and emotions also vary accordingly with them. What you see is what your brain perceives. The things surrounding you are basically the makeup of your mind. If you see negative things around you, then they will make a space in your mind and hence, you will feel disappointed and discontented all the time. While, perceiving good things makes you feel happy and joyful and thus, good thoughts will come to your mind. Imagination makes the expressiveness of mind and the pictures that are being inside your mind right from the second you wake up and remains until you do not sleep or you have full control on your brain.

Several ways through which we can make our brain work under our command are given as follows:


Simple ways to make your brain work under your control.

  • Accept the facts of life: One must accept the real facts of life that cannot be changed. In fact, make a plan for your future and work on them in spite of thinking upon the things that can bring bad or negative emotions in your mind. These emotions will make your mind do certain abrupt things.
  • Stray your mind while disturbed: The best way to control your mind is to make yourself busy in some other things that really fascinate you in your life. A few minutes of concentration upon other things can make the negative thoughts out of your mind making you again the master of your thoughts. Some pleasurable and joyful time spent can make you out of the fix.
  • Acquire the knowledge of relaxing your body: You must acknowledge the ways that how can you relax your body at the stress and pressure to your body. Tensed muscles in the body tend to tense your brain with the release of irritating hormones and hence, making it out of your command.
  • Practice breathing exercises: Apart from yoga, meditation and breathing exercises also tend to still your emotions in your mind. They help you to govern the CPU of the human body.
  • Keeping positive thoughts: Whenever you feel distracted or low, just read out any positive thoughts to boost you up in a better way. To turn the mind in to the command you want it to obey, just remind your goals and destinations and this will surely help you out in achieving your goal.

No doubt, controlling your mind is not as easy as it seems to be but, nothing is as impossible in this world and you can certainly conquer over your whole activities of the day and night.


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