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Sunder Pichai The New Leader in Tech. Sector

Google New CEOThe well liked, lanky boy from Chennai, is now the new CEO of the search giant, Google. Come to think about what makes a simple looking man take a responsible role as a global leader, could be a point to ponder. His demeanor is unlike the charisma and shrewdness that all of us seem to like about Steve Jobs. Sunder Pichai is simple. His very personality defies the stereotypical nature of a crafty business man. Having studied Engineering in IIT Kharagpur, he later did his MBA from the most prestigious business schools in the globe, the Wharton University of Pennsylvania.

Coming from a middle class family, Sunder Pichai is a unique example of how hard work, focus, and determination can lead to success without any fabian tactics. His clean reputation throughout his entire career makes him stand out today as a global leader. Though he has followed the conventional path of getting valuable education from the world’s most prestigious universities, unlike other successful entrepreneurs who have been university drop outs, Pichai has shown the world that even through conventional path, one can accelerate the success of their careers.

It is said that Pichai’s shrewdness and business intelligence gets reflected when he is developing a product. When Pichai was vying to take the place of Ballmer, the Microsoft’s CEO, he was replaced by Satya Mandela. When Pichai started working on most of the marketing and tech products at Google, their quality turn out to be the best, competing with tools of IOS. His work on the photography tools, the Chrome OS, Android, and Google Maps turned out to be remarkable.

With tech leaders like Pichai, who bring their unique focus to every product that he develops, Google will see a better side with its sidelined applications like, Google +, Chrome OS, Google Maps, and Android program. Pichai is the most trusted technical executive and a talented one when it comes to developing Google products and exploring the Google markets.

His tech savvy knowledge and sharp focus amalgamated with business acumen has helped him carve a niche in the tech market. As much as a tech savvy Pichai is, he is also known to be a good team player and a tough negotiator. One of the most important advice Pichai gives is to avoid making enemies and be a good team player. His amicability and being able to successfully sail through the corporate politics have made him the most visible and the most likable global leaders at Google.

His success as a CEO was already premeditated when he was made the head of the Android project where he would report directly to Larry Page. It is said that Pichai had a major hand when Google acquired Nest. In almost all the important decisions, since Pichai joined as the Android head, he has been assisting Larry Page as his right hand, till he was made the CEO of Google in August 2015. Sunder Pichai carves himself a unique portfolio that had brought him immense success through the conventional route. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs, who feel compelled to simulate most of the successful entrepreneurs who have been drop outs, Sunder Pichai is the example you can emulate if you do not want to follow the unconventional route.


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