Why Relations Are Breaking One After Another

Why Relations Are Broken One By One

Nowadays in the present scenario we are facing problem of breaking relations. Why all this happening? Who is responsible and what are those conditions which are leading the humans towards ending relations. There was the time when people used to live in the joint families, couples were very happy with in a single relation. So, what has happened in today’s life that people are avoiding to live in joints families, even married couple does not like to live with their parents. Why? What has changed now?

We must have come a time in everyone’s life where we annoyed someone or he/she broke the relation with us or someone who does not like to us. I am sure that these kinds of situations would happened with everyone. But, after passing time we or the front person actually realize the importance of the relationship. So, Why not be the case if we do not invite such situation, because of which we have separated from someone. Do you want such situation did not arise and your someone special never leave you at any cost? I am sure your answer will be “Yes”. Alright, now just take a few deep breaths and follow these essential things by which you can recover your breaking relations and by following these guidelines you will never face such conditions in your whole life.

  • Carrying Each Other’s Feelings & Emotions

Nowadays nobody is trying to understand the feelings and emotions of each other, rather than this everyone giving much attention on what the front person doing for me, how much he/she cares about me, how much importance he/she gives in regards to my feelings. Rather than doing so he/she should take care of opposite person’s feelings. When we take care of the front person’s feelings instead of ours, then the front person will automatically take better care of your feelings too. He/she will not do any activity which could become a cause of hearting your emotions.

  • Give Full Time To Your Relation

Second main thing we always forget which is giving full time to our relation. resulting the breaking relations time after time. Listen, every human being build up with five essential elements and required all basic needs. So, sometime in busy life circle we forget to give time to our relations. One thing to remember always temporal separation some time grows love but much time separation headed your relation towards never ending distances. So, avoid this kind of situation. These are often called long-distance relationship does not survive for long time. Some people living with and make the atmosphere of the distance, then relations have become boring and from whom finally we lose the importance of that particular relationship.

  • Expectations

Another main reason of ending relationships is “Expectations”. We expect a lot from the person we are engaged, with whom we are in relationship. Remember, take better care of the emotions & expectations of the front person and all time try to understand what the front person expecting from you. Resulting, you will found the same action for you. He/she will also take care all of your expectations, emotions & needs.

Let me tell you a real life example: One of my female friends ever does complains about her husband’s behavior, and was always told me that her husband not doing this and this things for her. He does not understand my emotions and expectations all I need and required time to time. One day I simply asked her about how much she takes care of his expectations and emotions he also needs time to time. She replied me very confidently “I prepare food for him, wash cloths, decorate home and similar things she described to me.” Then I again put a question that “These are things which could be done by any person or servant, than what is the need of life partner?” Then I asked her,  “Have you ever thought which thing like meal, tea or coffee he wants to feel relax when he comes back from office in evening, Sometime when he got upset with any situation, do you thought how to relax him in order to overcome from that situation? Have you ever thought that what he wants from you? If you succeed to understand his emotions then you don’t have need to expect anything else from him, he will better take care of your emotions & expectations itself. He will never leave you because that time he will become habitual for your love & affection.  And then finally she got the answers in regards to her problems.

  • Accept Whatever Life Has Given

Some time we got engaged in a relation with a person who is totally different from our thoughts and imaginations. And all time you feel uncomfortable with such person. We feel that he/she can not understand our feelings and after some time we come up at an ending relationship problem. Listen, first of all you should accept the relation, things you got throughout the life. An ever said line you must remember all time that “We can not get all the things we imagine”. But that does not mean that you will spoil your life with this thought rather then you can enjoy such situation by doing few things. When we accept whatever we got from life, the half portion of such problem will solve automatically. And remember not any single human being made by God with the bad habits; all of us learn good or bad things in the society in which we are living. And more about color, size and shape all these things does not matter when you follow the rule “Carrying each other’s feelings & Emotions”.

In real love such things like “What other people thinking about your relation” does not matter, rather than this, the thing that’s only matter is “How much do you love to each other”. And remember soon after considering this thing into your mind, both of you will be habitual for each other and no one will leave each other at any cost, whatever the condition will arise in future, you will stay together happily. God bless you.


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