Why Vision Is So Much Important In Life

Vision always give you a win situation in every aspect of your life. Every successful person and organization firstly set a clear vision for future course of action. And then set different goals and strategies to reach at the vision. Goals and strategies could be many to achieve preset vision. Vision is something which always remind and keep you to stay focus on the future. A person or organization without a clear vision is similar like a car with a driver but without destination. So, if you want to get or achieve anything seriously, then don’t waste your time on doing anything without having a clear vision. Just set a clear vision and you will get to know that your vision will drive your life to reach at final destination.

It’s my personal experience, after setting a clear vision you will always feel inner confidence and happiness because you know what to do and for what reason I am doing anything. Your vision always guide you throughout your life and tell you about every step, goal and strategy you have to take or set.

‘’Vision is the ability to plan the future with imagination or intelligence.’’

In the present scenario, most of the people are living their life without having a clear vision. For each and every aspect of life they just do what they actually have seen or what they actually get to know from family, friends, colleague and society. They actually do not set their own vision about how they will spend their life, what they actually want to achieve. For example, in youngsters if someone told them to do this particular course or take this degree to get a better career. Then what has happened next they do not get the desired and got depressed, then what happen next they just follow some other’s advice and get started to take another degree or do another course and restart again from zero their career life and suddenly fewer one realize that this is also a wrong way for a better career.

Rather than doing this just sit alone in peaceful room and set vision for your future by adding your interest in it. Before starting or doing anything, firstly plan and set your vision statement. What, why and how to do ?, to get success in any predefined field.

How to set your vision is most important to know because this will guide you throughout your life and maintain your confidence level.

And remember the key factor that after setting your vision just focus on it don’t give up because lots of people give up when they are so closer to their vision. Desired result always takes time to become fruitful.

A known road for reaching known destination is always a good choice than going on unknown road to reach unknown destination.

Just decide your clear vision and focus fully on it to get which you actually want.



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4 thoughts on “Why Vision Is So Much Important In Life

  1. Hats off Ashwani sir.. Best post I’ve ever read about how to start if you actually wanna do something in life. (Y)

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